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OptiBac for Daily Immunity - 30 capsules

Product Information
This OptiBac Probiotics formula is an advanced multi-strain probiotic and antioxidant blend developed to support the bodys resistance to infection and promote a healthy immune system. For daily immunity is recommended for people who lead active, demanding lifestyles and for those with weaker immune responses (e.g. people who catch every cold going round, the elderly etc.) The varied types (strains) of friendly bacteria in OptiBac Probiotics For daily immunity ensure the intestinal lining throughout the gut is well colonised with a healthy coating of friendly bacteria. A strong intestinal lining bars contaminants and harmful bacteria from entering into the bloodstream. A rich probiotic balance also supports immune cells in the intestinal walls to help limit the growth of pathogenic organisms. The antioxidants in For daily immunity are a unique and balanced combination of essential antioxidants as well as other potent natural extracts with very powerful regenerating and free radical neutralising properties. A unique synergy exists between the advanced antioxidants and probiotic blend in this OptiBac Probiotics formula. A healthy probiotic balance enhances nutrient and mineral absorption in the intestines, thereby ensuring that the antioxidants are more efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream and can make their way to the cells and organs where they are needed most. The effect of this synergy makes For daily immunity the best antioxidant formulation available. Each vegetarian capsule provides 2.5 billion live probiotic cultures & 4 antioxidants.