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Horopito and Ainseed Capsules - 60

Product Information

In New Zealand, Active Horipito has been a popular Maori herb for centuries. Previously it was used for skin diseases such as ringworm, and also to help heal wounds.  The leaves were chewed for toothache, stomach ache and diarrhoea.  There is now evidence to suggest that Horipito is effective in controlling systemic Candida. A New Zealand study found that 76% reported an improvement in their symptoms.  Aniseed is also added which promotes relaxation of the digestive tract along with a sedative calming effect. Aniseed is also a moderate anti-fungal agent.  This remarkable herb will help to destroy the harmful yeast fungus, which can flourish in the gut.


Horipito has become the number one herbal product in fighting Candida in Italy.  It is also exported to countries as diverse as Israel and Kazakhstan, along with the United Kingdom.  Horipito is an essential component of the anti-Candida package.  Although there is no evidence of Horipito causing any detrimental side effects, it is not recommended to be taken whilst pregnant.