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Co-ton A00 600mg 100caps

Product Information

Based on Dr. John Christophers well-known formula for over- and under-active bowels and poor eliminative capacity. Only slightly laxative, it acts mainly to tone the colon smooth muscle, restoring normal peristaltic function. It can be used for quite long periods at varying dosage, depending upon the individual, and is best accompanied by dietary guidance and colonic hydrotherapy. Whilst goldenseal is very useful and expensive herb it should not be taken long term alternating your treatment with Co-Ton goldenseal ensures that you maintain maximum health.  Goldenseal Root is used in regular Co-ton colon complex,although an extremely useful herb, it should not be used long term.  This is because being a liver herb, it can cause toxins to be eliminated too quickly causing nausea and headaches.  Additionally, a few people have an adverse reaction to Goldenseal. It is suggested, therefore, that the product is alternated with regular Co-ton Colon Complex. Suggested dosage: 1 or two capsules three times daily with meals. Note: Not to be taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Individuals with Candida or leaking gut syndrome should avoid Goldenseal until the condition is under control. Ingredients:Fennel; Barberry; Cascara; Ginger; Turkey Rhubarb; Cayenne; Lobelia; Raspberry