TNT 400mg 100 caps

Product Information

This is a laxative compound, which like all laxative, should not be abused. It is specifically for use in atonic constipation states, where the colon muscle is flaccid and peristalsis weak, typified by an enlarged abdomen, bloating and hard large stools. It should not be used in states of hypertonic (nervous) constipation.

It contains a mixture of carminative (gas-expelling), digestive and laxative herbs and will aid elimination of impacted faecal matter, with producing liquid stools or colicky pain. It will initiate peristaltic activity in chronic conditions and should be used judiciously in cases of chronic constipation to aid initial regular evacuation.

One or two courses may be used, with the aim of switching to Co-Ton A which is gentler and encourages normal action of the bowel muscle without a strong laxative effect.

TNT may be used in conjunction with Co-Ton A at a reduced dosage in intermediate stages of treatment.

Suggested dosage: One to three capsules daily, depending upon need then switch to Colon complex.

Note not to be taken during pregnancy or breast feeding.