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Enema Coffee - Robusta 464g

Product Information
  • Purpose roasted and specially ground, certified organic, 100% Robusta coffee.
  • Why Robusta and not Arabica? Because it is higher in the key ingredients that will make your detox successful - caffeine, palmitic acid, and cafestrol. These help stimulate glutathione ('the mother of all anti-oxidants') production by up to 700%. Research shows this is critical to successfully detoxing liver, gall bladder, etc.
  • We say 'purpose roasted' because this coffee is specially roasted to maximize these important ingredients, in fact there is typically 50% or more of these crucial active ingredients in our special roast.
  • Used exclusively by the Gerson Health Centre.in Europe. Also used at the Budwig Health Center.
  • Used by many Gerson Therapy clients and health care practitioners.