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Castopak - Castor Oil Pack

Product Information

Castopak is an external application of castor oil to the body. The soft organic bamboo flannel is saturated with castor oil and placed on a specific area of the body.

It can play an important role in a detoxification program by placing the castor oil over the liver area. This also supports the lymphatic system to work more efficiently in removing toxins from the body.


Each Castopak contains:

– 1 x Organic Bamboo Cloth.

The cloth is fitted with elastic ties to ensure that it fits snugly around your body. The cloth is washable and has a protective waterproof backing that helps to eliminate leaks. May be used with or without additional heat.

– 200ml of Organic Hexane Free cold-pressed castor oil.

– Instruction card and information about the benefits of castor oil.


Do not use castor oil during pregnancy or while breast-feeding.

The product has a natural shelf-life and the bamboo cloth will discolour with normal use.

Castor oil can stain. Ensure you protect both clothing and bedding if you leave the cloth on overnight.


Castor oil packs are generally not recommended during pregnancy, over areas of active bleeding (wounds, ulcers, during menses), in cases of suspected appendicitis, or with bleeding disorders. Also exercise caution with individuals who have neuropathy, skin sensitivity, chemical sensitivity, or uncontrolled hypertension.

If you have any concerns about using castor oil, it is advisable that before you apply Castopak you do a skin test to ensure that you are not sensitive to castor oil.

Place a small amount of castor oil on your wrist, if no reaction occurs you can then proceed with the Castopak therapy.