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Peppermint Oil Capsules 90 caps

Product Information
This could be one of humanity's oldest herbs - there is evidence of Peppermint cultivation in ancient Egypt. In the west the herb has been primarily used for gastrointestinal upsets, both as a remedy and as a preventative treatment. Following extensive research, the internal use of Peppermint Oil has been found to help ailments like spastic discomfort of the upper gastrointestinal tract and irritable colon. The antispasmodic activity of the oil is a major feature, relaxing the smooth muscles of the intestine and stomach. Peppermints antiseptic and anaesthetic actions, as well as the antiulcerogenric effect of its flavonoids and its antioxidant properties, may also be helpful in easing symptoms. Contraindications: not suitable for people who are, or may be, anaemic, as peppermint may interfere with iron absorption.