Vitamin C 1000mg 30 caps

Product Information

Vitamin C, possibly the best known vitamin, is contained in many fruit & vegetables but it is easily destroyed in storage & cooking of foods. It is known as an anti-oxidant and helps fight to protect the body against free radicals. Being a water soluble vitamin, it needs to be replenished daily and is used up more rapidly in stressful conditions by the adrenal gland.

Vitamin C is vital in the production of connective tissue by helping the manufacture of Collagen. It helps to maintain healthy skin, gums and the immune system. It is necessary for adrenal hormone function and enhances absorption of essential minerals. 

Vitamin C aids in many types of viral and bacterial infections. It is one of the most commonly used vitamins in the prevention and treatment of the common cold and flu.  Many people can benefit from taking Vitamin C, particularly the elderly, smokers, women using the contraceptive pill and those under stress.

Contraindications: Diarrhoea can be experienced at high levels.