Vitamin E - 400iu - 60 caps

Product Information

The major function of Vitamin E is that of an anti-oxidant, these reduce the risk of free radical damage to the cells and help boost the immune system.  Free radicals are caused by over exposure to factors such as exhaust fumes, pesticides, radiation from the sun, alcohol and smoking. Excessive free radical exposure has been linked to degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cataracts, Alzheimers and Parkinsons disease.  Heart disease is the UKs No.1 killer, but a daily supplementation of Vitamin E is an important factor in maintaining a healthy heart.

Men and Women who take at least 200iu of natural Vitamin E (as the body absorbs this more effectively) per day for several years and have a healthy lifestyle, have approximately a 75% lower chance of suffering a heart attack, according to recent research. Men are 4 times as likely to suffer a heart attack between the ages of 45 and 55 than woman.Vitamin E can also help keep you looking younger by slowing cellular ageing, it helps supply oxygen to the body to give more endurance, it helps prevent and dissolve blood clots and it aids in the healing of burns.